Halloween (1978)

Thanks to Robert of Set-Jetter, Brian of Reel to Real Movie and TV Filming Locations and Paul of Then & Now Movie Locations for allowing me to use some of their photos for this page.

The Myers house
  • The Century House - 1000 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA

The Myers house, which is now located at 1000 Mission Street, was originally located at 709 Meridian Avenue where it stood during the filming of Halloween. At that time the house was owned by a local nursing residence who had been using it as a storage building for medical equipment. Although it had fallen into disrepair the house was partially renovated by the cast and crew in time to film the opening scene, which took place on the final day of principal photography on 19th May 1978.

In 1988 the house was purchased by David Margrave and relocated to Mission Street to save it from demolition. Today the house is a commercial building with several office spaces, whilst the land on Meridian Avenue where it previously stood remained vacant until 2003 when the construction of a new housing project began.

The drive to Smith's Grove Sanitarium
  • Montlake Dr, Los Angeles, CA

The exterior shots of the car and those looking from the windscreen were filmed on parts of Montlake Drive and Lake Hollywood Drive, which forms part of the road around the Hollywood Reservoir. Loomis and Marion then appear to encounter the escaped mental patients at 34.126331, -118.332033, which is also on Montlake Drive. The dialogue scenes inside the car were however filmed using 'Poor Man's Process' in an unknown garage on Sunset Boulevard.

Smith's Grove Sanitarium gate
  • Lake Hollywood North Gate - Lake Hollywood Dr, Los Angeles, CA

The entrance to Smith's Grove Sanitarium is the Lake Hollywood North Gate, located at 34.128630, -118.336304 on Lake Hollywood Drive.

Haddonfield establishing shot
  • Oxley St & Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA

The establishing shot of Haddonfield was filmed facing West down Oxley Street.

The Strode house (exterior)
  • 1115 Oxley St, South Pasadena, CA

This house is actually divided into two units and both are used in the film. When Laurie leaves to drop the key off at the Myers house she exits from the unit at 1115 Oxley Street. However, upon her return from school she enters the unit at 1103 Fairview Avenue.

The interior of this house was not used in the film. Laurie's bedroom and the Strode's living room from the TV version were filmed at different locations (see the entries for these further down the page).

The walk to the Myers house
  • Meridian Ave & Magnolia St, South Pasadena, CA

Laurie's walk begins at the north intersection of Meridian Avenue and Magnolia Street. She then crosses Meridian and heads towards the south intersection of Meridian and Magnolia, where she meets up with Tommy Doyle. From there they continue on Meridian towards the Myers house.

Smith’s Grove Sanitarium (exterior)
  • La Vina Hospital - 3900 Lincoln Ave, Altadena, CA
  • 34.210970, -118.159079

The exterior of Smith's Grove Sanitarium was the La Vina Hospital, which closed in 1986 and was then demolished in the mid 1990's to make way for a new gated community called the La Vina Estates. Despite this, the land at the corner of Millard Canyon Road and North Old Toll Road where the main hospital building stood has actually remained vacant.

Trivia: This location also makes an appearance in The Blob (1988) and Ice Cream Man (1995).

Smith’s Grove Sanitarium (interior)
  • West Los Angeles VA - 11301 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Found by HFL

The scenes inside Smith's Grove Sanitarium from the TV version of Halloween were filmed at the West Los Angeles VA Campus. The exact building is unknown but filming most likely took place in building 205, 208 or 209 at the far north end of the campus, as this area was used for several productions around this time.

Carpenter would film these scenes during the production of Halloween II in the spring of 1981. Halloween would then air on TV for the first time in October of that year.

Trivia: This location also makes an appearance in Starsky and Hutch: Murder Ward (1977), The Fifth Floor (1978), Angel Dusted (1981) and Death Wish II (1982).

Haddonfield Elementary School / Laurie's Classroom
  • Garfield Elementary School - 110 W McLean St, Alhambra, CA

The area of the school where Tommy Doyle gets harassed is at the corner of North 2nd Street and West McLean Street. The Shape then follows Tommy around the corner onto West McLean.

The interior of the school was also used in the previous scene when Laurie learns about fate and sees The Shape out of the window. Her classroom is located directly to the right of the main entrance on West McLean Street, and would also be used in Halloween II for the break-in scene.

Loomis calls Haddonfield Police
  • S Brea Canyon Rd & Old Ranch Rd, City of Industry, CA
  • 34.019605, -117.839815

The scene with Loomis on the phone was filmed just north of the intersection between South Brea Canyon Road and Old Ranch Road. The exact location of the phone booth would have been at 34.019605, -117.839815 and the Phelps truck a little further to the East of this location.

The whole area has changed considerably since 1978, to an extent that it's unrecognisable in comparison. At some point South Brea Canyon Road has been widened and its intersection with Old Ranch Road (where the Haddonfield sign is placed) has been moved further south. The area has also been significantly built up with new housing and commercial buildings beginning to appear in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Haddonfield High School
  • South Pasadena High School - 1401 Fremont Ave, South Pasadena, CA

Lynda and Laurie emerge from a small corridor to the left of the school's main entrance, which is just opposite the intersection of Fremont Street and Bank Street. What looks like an elevated walkway has since been built above this area, as part of some renovations that took place in the early 2000's.

The walk home from school
  • Highland St, South Pasadena, CA

As Lynda and Laurie walk home they are joined by Annie at the corner of Highland Street and Fairview Avenue. They continue their journey on Highland where Annie shouts 'Speed kills!' at the passing station wagon.

Lynda's house
  • 1027 Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA

The girls continue the walk home by heading north on Montrose Avenue from its intersection with Oxley Street, before they get to Lynda's house.

The hedge
  • 1019 Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA

The Shape stands behind the hedge located between 1019 and 1025 Montrose Avenue.

Annie's house
  • 1017 Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA
Laurie's bedroom
  • 1530 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Found by HFL

Although we have established that Laurie's house is located in South Pasadena, her bedroom is located at 1530 North Orange Grove Avenue (at the front of the house on the driveway side). The window she looks out of is located on the South face, above the driveway. The room was made use of again later in the film, when Laurie throws the plant pot at the house and Tommy appears at the window beside the James Ensor portrait.

Interestingly, both John Carpenter and Tommy Lee Wallace have revealed that this scene had to be reshot because the original version did not have the desired impact or look. Although Carpenter mentions this taking place in South Pasadena, one on set photo actually reveals the location as the bedroom at the front of 1542 North Orange Grove Avenue (again on the driveway side). Either through choice or necessity the location was switched to the house at 1530 and the room was set dressed with Tommy Lee Wallace's own furniture.

Mr Riddle's backyard
  • 1533 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Found by HFL

The clothesline scene was filmed with The Shape standing in the backyard of 1533 North Orange Grove Avenue, looking up towards the small balcony on the side of 1537 North Orange Grove Avenue, where the shot appears to have been taken from (this would have been the original balcony before the house was remodelled).

The view into this backyard is now obscured by an extension that was built onto the house in 2010, which can be seen on the comparison image below.

The Strode house (interior)
  • 1428 N Genesee Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Another scene from the TV version takes place in the Strode's living room, which was filmed at 1428 North Genesee Avenue. Horror fans will of course recognise this location as Nancy's house from A Nightmare on Elm Street. When Annie calls Laurie she is actually upstairs in the same house, in what I believe would become Nancy's bedroom.

Carpenter would also film this scene in the Spring of 1981, with Jamie Lee Curtis using a towel to cover up her short haircut.

Credit to Sean Clark of Horror's Hallowed Grounds for finding this location.

Waiting for Annie
  • Oxley St & Fairview Ave, South Pasadena, CA

Laurie waits for Annie to pick her up at the corner of Oxley Street and Fairview Avenue. Two locations were used for Laurie's view of the trick-or-treaters at either end of the street. When she looks right her p.o.v is facing South down Fairview Avenue, which is the correct view from her location. However, when she looks left her p.o.v is facing South from the intersection of North Genesee Avenue and De Longpre Avenue in Hollywood.

Haddonfield Cemetery
  • Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetery - 601 E Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA
The drive to babysitting (Part 1)
  • Cynthia St & N Hidalgo Ave, Alhambra, CA

The first part of the drive takes place in Alhambra. It begins at the intersection of Cynthia Street and North Hidalgo Avenue and continues with the girls heading South West on Cynthia. The Shape then emerges from North Almansor Street and follows the girls to the end of Cynthia and onto Novelda Road.

Nichols Hardware Store
  • 966 Mission St, South Pasadena, CA

Annie and Laurie approach the hardware store from Meridian Avenue (between El Centro Street and Mission Street). Back in 1978 I believe this building was an antique store and whilst it has been through many changes over the years it is currently an Indian restaurant.

The drive to babysitting (Part 2)
  • S Parish Pl to Parkside Ave to S Keystone St, Burbank, CA

The second part of the drive takes place in Burbank. It begins with Annie making the turn from South Parish Place onto Parkside Avenue and continuing on Parkside until she makes a right turn onto South Keystone Street. The exterior shots of The Shape in pursuit were also filmed towards the end of Parkside.

This scene was actually filmed on the last day of principal photography as a bridge between the first part of the drive in daylight and arriving at the babysitting houses in darkness.

Credit to Robert of Set-Jetter for finding this location back in 2013.

The Wallace house (exterior)
  • 1537 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA

The 'Wallace' house has been heavily remodelled since 1978 and is almost unrecognisable today as a result. The changes began almost immediately after filming when the carport was removed and replaced with a porte cochère and lattice (as briefly seen in Halloween II). Although it's not seen in the film I believe the one storey rear section of the house was removed in 1996 and rebuilt with an additional storey. The biggest modification was then made in 2001 when an attached garage and living space above it was built onto the left side of the house, replacing the porte cochère.

Only the exterior of the house was actually used for filming though. The interiors, backyard, garage and laundry room were filmed across three different locations (see below).

The Wallace house (interior)
  • 1542 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1530 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Location #2 found by HFL

Two locations were combined to form the interior of the Wallace house. The first location was already known to be 1542 North Orange Grove Avenue, where all of the filming took place with the exception of the kitchen, which I'll cover below. Astute fans will notice that the interior of 1542 doesn't match the exterior house at all, as it's not possible for the living room to exist to the right of the front door.

The second location was 1530 North Orange Grove Avenue, where the kitchen scenes were filmed. I know from my own research that the kitchen could not have existed at the 1542 residence, as a bay window exists at the back corner of the house where the French doors should have been (as seen when Annie walks across the backyard). Without photos it was difficult to confirm the correct location but I was able to link it to the 1530 residence by matching light fittings, an intercom, and the style of wood on the exterior. To see this evidence visually click here for an interior comparison and here for the exterior.

The following photos of 1542 were taken in 2011, when it was put up for sale. Just four years prior in 2007 the house was heavily renovated and remodelled to make it more open plan and modern. Notable changes in comparison with the film include the removal of the walls at the bottom of the stairs and the extension of the Wallace's bedroom onto what was formerly the balcony area.

The Wallace's backyard / laundry room (exterior)
  • 1542 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1530 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Location #2 found by HFL

Two locations were combined to form the Wallace's backyard. The first location was 1542 North Orange Grove Avenue, where all of the filming took place (laundry room exterior, Annie walking to the garage), but with one small exception. Whenever The Shape is seen spying on Annie through the French doors (not the bay window) the location switches to the backyard of 1530 North Orange Grove Avenue (the same location as the kitchen). It should also be noted that the laundry room interior was filmed elsewhere (see the location below).

The following photos of 1542 were also taken in 2011. At that time the laundry room building (actually an additional living space) was still present in the backyard, however, it was demolished in 2019 and replaced with a swimming pool. Aside from that, the garage where Annie meets her demise has since been converted into an additional dwelling unit.

The laundry room (interior)
  • 3263 Primera Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Found by HFL

The laundry room interiors were filmed at what was Associate Producer Kool Lusby's house in the hills above Universal Studios. This is a multi unit residence and whilst I can't confirm it I strongly suspect that filming took place in the area beneath the garage. If I have this correct then the door that becomes locked would lead to the path that runs down the right side of the property, with the window where Annie gets stuck being on the courtyard side. I could only find one photo of this area, which shows what I believe to be the same small window.

The Doyle house (exterior)
  • 1530 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Partially found by HFL

The 'Doyle' house (unlike the 'Wallace' house) is instantly recognisable as it has remained almost unchanged since 1978. In a change made for filming the glass pane front door was replaced with a solid wood version, to match the existing door at the interior location (see below). In a production error the original glass pane version can be seen when Annie and Laurie first pull up to the house.

One location that has semi remained a mystery is the balcony that The Shape falls from after being shot by Loomis. I was able to determine that the scene was in fact filmed on the balcony at the rear of this house (in a rare instance of location continuity) and they did not move to a another location. Directly below the balcony are the French doors that lead to the Wallace's kitchen, which can be seen briefly as The Shape falls.

Trivia: This house also makes an appearance in the Charlie's Angels episode 'Angels on Campus' and Back to School (1985).

The Doyle house (interior)
  • 1533 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA
  • 1530 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Location #2 found by HFL

Two locations were combined to form the interior of the Doyle house. The first location was already known to be 1533 North Orange Grove Avenue, where the downstairs part of the house was filmed. Astute fans will notice that the front door opens the opposite way on his house compared with the exterior house. The upstairs location had remained a mystery for some time, but following some extensive research I was able to determine that it was in fact the upstairs of 1530 North Orange Grove Avenue (the same house as the exterior). It was only later that I found out that the house had been used in the Highway to Heaven episode 'I Was a Middle-Aged Werewolf', which also helped to confirm the location by matching the stairs that can be seen after Laurie checks on Lindsey and Tommy.

At this time I haven't been able to find any interior photos of either house, so I have included a screen matching photo of 1530 from the aforementioned Highway to Heaven episode. The Wallace house interior and the 'real' Wallace house interior also make an appearance in that episode.

Loomis spots the car & wanders the streets
  • 1350 N Genesee Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Whilst staking out the Myers house Loomis suddenly spots the station wagon, which is parked outside 1350 North Genesee Avenue (about 15 miles from his position). He himself then appears on this street, running past the house at 1351 Genesee, before crossing the street to inspect the car. Later on, Brackett pulls up in front of the 1351 when Loomis is combing the streets for Michael.

The unhelpful neighbour
  • 1533 N Orange Grove Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Next door to the Wallace's are their unhelpful neighbours, who do not answer the door. Had they done so then you would have actually seen the Doyle's living room, as that was filmed in this house. In effect, the door that Laurie is banging on is the same door that Tommy would eventually open, even though it's supposed to be across the street. Also, the window that the neighbour peers through is the same one that Tommy looks from when he sees The Shape standing in front of the Wallace house.

The Doyle's backyard
  • Location unknown

To the best of my knowledge this location is unknown. I would have expected it to be one of the backyards on Orange Grove Avenue but I have not been able to conclusively match it to any of the four properties that were used for filming.

What adds to the mystery is that the scene was apparently a reshoot. According to Tommy Lee Wallace in this article the film originally ended with The Shape dead. The decision to let him live was only made after principal photography (or a few days according to other reports) and therefore reshot. If it's the former then the backyard could really be anywhere, especially if they no longer had access to the original locations. I have also read reports that it was filmed at the Nightmare on Elm Street house on Genesee Avenue, but I personally don't believe that to be the case.

If anyone has any information on this then please let me know.

Wrap Party
  • 2032 Paramount Dr, Los Angeles, CA

After a 20 day shoot the cast and crew assembled at John Carpenter and/or Debra Hill's house on Paramount Drive for the wrap party, with Carpenter, Tommy Lee Wallace and Nick Castle providing the entertainment. Also present was P.J. Soles' husband and actor Dennis Quaid.

The house was made use of again in 1979 when some small inserts for The Fog were shot there.


  1. The Smith's Grove Sanitarium (exterior) can also be seen in the 1995 film Ice Cream Man.

  2. Nice work Mr H!! Just found your site. You helped me out a lot over on ohmb before it disappeared. My screenname was Bronson. I'm curious if they actually used the interior of the Doyle house in "Back to School"? You don't see much of it onscreen, but I always assume they did. Also, the Wallace House interior was in the movie "My Giant", but you probably knew that. Anyway, nice work and great site!!

    1. Cheers Bronson, it's definitely a shame that OHMB has been shut down. Regarding Back to School, they did absolutely film inside the Doyle house but not in the areas from Halloween unfortunately. It seems like the Wallace house interior location has been used quite a bit over the years, for both TV and film.

  3. With your location expertise, I figured you were the guy to ask this. My brother found nearly all the locations from the 1989 film "The Wizard" with Fred Savage. The only one he couldn't find was the family's house near the beginning of the film. He checked all around the Nevada towns it was filmed in (Fallon/Reno/Gardnerville) but never found it. It was only seen for a few seconds on screen, and hard to see any address number. Maybe it was torn down? Sorry to ask in comments, but I didn't see an email. Any help is appreciated!!

    1. I'm not familiar with that film, but is the house at 619 Sinclair Street in Reno the one you are looking for?

    2. That's it!! You're awesome! Thanks a bunch!

  4. Hello you did a great job with these locations is it possible to get copies of our your photos you took I figured I would ask you.

    1. Many thanks for your comment. The 'now' photos are actually not mine and have been used with permission to make the comparisons (the owners are credited beneath each photo).

  5. Great Job!!! This is the best site I have ever seen on the filming locations in the Halloween series by far. Even though I kind of knew where most of the exterior locations were, I have been trying to figure out where exactly the interior of the Wallace and Doyle Houses were for years now from the original HALLOWEEN, my favorite of the series. Now I come to find out that bits and pieces of several homes were used for certain scenes. Love how you breakdown in detail each specific scene to coincide which area of each house was used, I'm sure that took a lot of research, so thanks again for your hard work.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words. It did take some serious effort as quite a few of the locations across the series were not known when I did this, but it was worth it.

  6. I was looking at the house at 1518 N. Orange Grove Ave on zillow. Looks like a very similar layout to the Doyle house. Especially the kitchen. Maybe it was used for some interiors as well?

    1. Whilst the kitchen certainly resembles the Wallace's (I assume you meant that rather than Doyle) the curved section towards the rear does not match, and I know that was added long before Halloween was filmed. That aside, I found evidence that links the kitchen to 1530 N Orange Grove but I didn't cover that in the write up, so maybe I will do that at some point. In my opinion this house wasn't used for filming, but I can see the resemblance.

    2. Amazing work Mr. H! I have a question about the kitchen in the Wallace House. What leads you to believe it is in 1530 N. Orange Grove Ave? Because of your site I have been looking at the Highway to Heaven ep and Back to School and there seems to be a wall where one of the kitchen entrances should be. I defer to your expertise but was curious what your evidence was? Thanks! Again, amazing job!!!!!

    3. Thanks for the comment. I've been meaning to add those details to the article so readers can understand my thinking on that location. I'll get it added within the next few days after I've written it properly. Regarding the kitchen entrance, either they took it out or it's in the left corner and out of sight. We never really get a full view of that area in Back to School or Highway to Heaven unfortunately.

    4. Mr. H! I just saw the visual info you added (Or maybe it was there before and I didn't see it?) concerning the location of the Wallace Kitchen actually being located in the exterior Doyle House (1530 N. Orange Grove Drive). Great Job! I am totally convinced. Incredible detective work with the track lighting and the intercoms and the shots from Angels on Campus. This is a holy grail item for me and as silly as it may seem I am so grateful to finally have this mystery solved after so many years of wondering! I was lucky enough to go to the premiere of Halloween 2018 and was able to ask Nick Castle and Sean Clark about these locations and they didn't know - so you have worked a miracle as far as I am concerned. Eternal gratitude to you for an incredible job! Thanks again!

    5. Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words. I only just added that visual info this past week but it's essentially what I posted on the forums years ago when I worked this out. As you mention, it's difficult to get the info sometimes as even the people involved in the making of and OG's like Sean don't always know, so I was on a mission to figure it out and happy to be the first to do so.

    6. Mr. H,
      I was wondering if you know the actual shooting schedule of Halloween? I noticed in one of your posts you mentioned the last day of shooting featuring the fluid master through the Myers home was shot on May 19, 1978. I also know from commentaries that the first day of shooting was Laurie & Tommy Doyle walking to the Myers house. Would love to see some document or the actual shooting schedule if it exists.

    7. I do not unfortunately, I would really like to know myself. I know the last day because I deciphered the slate in the alternative take of the opening that was posted online by Billy Kirkus many years ago. If his complete footage ever does become available then it could be the only way to know the schedule, as the slate should be at the beginning of each take.

  7. Amazing job! I learned a lot more than I thought. Will you by chance cover the hospital right after the opening scene in the TV version? Where Loomis had the meeting with the two doctors at that auditorium-type room?

    1. Many thanks. I can't prove it but I believe that scene was filmed at the same location as the other Smith's Grove scenes in the TV version. If I prove it I'll update the information on this page.

  8. Curious about the interior of the Strode house (aka Nightmare house). In the added tv scenes Laurie descends a staircase that is no longer there in recent photos of that particular house. Just wondering if it was actually that house, or they "totally" renovated, thereby moving the staircase?

    1. A previous owner completely remodelled the house in 2008. There are some pre renovation photos somewhere online and you can see the original staircase in those.